Water of Hope

In the Nyamata area of Rwanda, hope is coming to the community in the form of water.

This is an area that suffered massively during the 1994 genocide, and that has been struggling to rebuild itself ever since. It has been burdened with a very negative identity for many years, but now, thanks to the support of GNPDR and its ‘Hope Project’, widows and orphans of the community are starting to give it a new, more positive identity

The Hope Project has two foci –

  1. to install boreholes and rainwater harvesting, so that there will always be access to clean water
  2. to develop a chicken-farming programme, both as an income-generator, and also to provide eggs for eating.

The chicken farm is still in its infancy, but as these photos show, the water-related work is well underway, and already the local residents are benefiting from easy access to clean, safe water.


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